Drew Sekely

Drew Sekely


Clean & Jerk: 255

Grace: 2:34

Bench press: 255

Front Squat: 305

Deadlift: 410


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

About Coach

I grew up in Northern Virginia and learned the hard way in life to not procrastinate to achieve your goals. I have played many sports in life but mainly focused on Ice Hockey. I have taken little things from all the coaches in my life and used these things to become the coach I am today.

Turning Point

I had multiple goals in life when I was younger. Two of them were to join the Marines and then become police officers after. But when I was younger I was terrible at procrastinating on things I wanted in life. Year after year went by and I ultimately decided to not follow those dreams. Once I grew up physically and mentally, I decided to start a career in IT. This brings me to where I am today: married to my beautiful wife, working from home in the morning, and coaching some great people in the evenings.

Motivation & Passion

I am excited to come in and try to make everyone’s day just a little bit better. People always have things going on in life, but when they walk through those doors, we want to ensure it is the best hour of their day.

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