Andrea Melbourne

Andrea Melbourne



CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Pro-Fitness Trainer
SUPFit Level 2
Yoga; Pilates; TRX
Senior Fitness
Aqua Fitness
Indoor Cycle
Functional Fitness & Core
Stability Ball

About Coach

My fitness career began leading Group Fitness classes which lead to Personal Training. My own fitness achievements, in the beginning, were lifting heavy and high-intensity cardio workouts. After, the introduction of Mind-body practices, Yoga, and Pilates, my portfolio grew more diverse. I discovered CrossFit in 2016 and discovered that “Constantly varied functional movement at high intensity” was exactly what I believed - the natural progression from a group Instructor to Private Trainer to a Coach!

Turning Point

I was (am) a chronic Asthmatic. As a child, I was unable to compete in athletics or school gym classes. I often sat on the sidelines watching the other participants. Finally, with the manipulation of asthma medication, I was able to participate and compete. I accomplished some races and developed my own fitness regime to build endurance and strength. This lead to a lifetime of Fitness and a Fitness Professional.

Motivation & Passion

Fitness is for EVERYONE! I enjoy meeting people where they are and watching them grow stronger and more confident. I am passionate about co-piloting one’s journey through Fitness, from whatever level they are today.

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